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Magnificent Home Orphanage CSR

In 2021, Aksara Foundation partnered with Haano Foods to help young girls and women build their skills and discover their potentials. The event was held under the supports of Haano Food sponsored by Deekay Group. Aksara Foundation is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the development and progress of high potential girls and women in the areas of science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), leadership and entrepreneurship.

As part of the Foundation’s effort to give back to the society, they hosted a Five (5) days event. The event- A CSR Donation and Cooking Competition was planned in partnership with Haano and the assistance of a certified chef to help build their skills, competencies and also, to make the girls understand that, they are all leaders, entrepreneurs and they all have untapped potentials to offer regardless of where they found themselves. The event also served as platform where they can display their individual and combined skills, creative talent and get opportunity to learn, and share experience in competitive environment.

The Five days training and cooking competition was held at Magnificent Home at Sabo Yaba where they housed special children, and girls that are abused and internally displaced. The event was focused on training the girls on how to prepare both local and continental dishes which was also handled by the presence of a professional chef who was on standby for 4 days.

On the 5th day, which was the final day of the event, a competition was organized among the participants and dishes were judged on the basis of creativity, hygiene, taste, texture and appearance by esteemed judges. It was an interactive session for the girls as they discussed the ingredients of the dishes made, nutritional value and historical significance. The winners were announced, donations were made, awards and scholarships was given to the best performances.

Mrs. Vaswani thanked the administrative head and management of Magnificent Home for giving Aksara foundation in partnership with Haano the opportunity to serve them.

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