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Who we are

Company profile

Deekay Group is a trading and manufacturing group with diverse investments in consumer goods, electronics, automobile accessories, paper and many more high- impact products.

Sales & Distribution

We are involved in the Importation, Exportation, Assembling and Manufacturing of Electronics, Appliances, FMCG, Car and Truck Tyres, Building Materials, Paper, Marine products and many more.


With warehouse space in excess of 300,000 sq. ft., as well as assembly plants, we are able to cater very well to the market's requirements.

Business Divisions

Deekay group has 5 companies under its portfolio which are namely; Jaro Industries Limited, Haano Industries limited, Haano Marine Products Limited, Nexus Forlife Limited, Mapleleaf Printing Press.

GMD's Message

At Deekay Group ...

we remain committed to being your partner in all aspects, to be here when you need us, provide you with leading edge technology, offer innovative approaches to project delivery, unrivaled flexibility and everything else needed to ensure success now and in the future.
who we are

Our mission

Preferred partner

Becoming the preferred global sourcing and manufacturing partner for customers across White Goods, Auto, Building Materials, Power, Paper, Marine and FMCG.

Customer experience

Exceeding our customers expectations by sensing their unique needs and by sourcing and manufacturing innovative and cost effective products across all continents.

World-class supply chain

Developing world class supply chain that is lean, optimised and technology enabled resulting in the best value for our customers.

Employer of choice

Becoming an employer of choice by nurturing leaders, teams and fostering diversity and an enriching culture that motivates employees to act with integrity, develop cutting-edge skills and customer focus.

Awards & Recognition

HACCP Certified Company

ISO 9001 : 2015 Deekay & Sons

ISO 9001 : 2015 Jaro

ISO 9001 : 2015 MapleLeaf

Lagos Food Bank Initiative

Academic Companion of Honour - MapleLeaf

our vision

Creation of
significant value

Our mission is to create significant value for our customers through innovative and high quality products sourced, curated, manufactured and delivered around the world

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