Mission, Vision & values


Deekay aims to become the premier mixed trading and manufacturing company in West Africa by 2018. We will get there through focused organic growth that leverages our strengths and by continuing to provide products that our customers love..

Our aim is to do this in a way that respects our partners and provides a caring environment for our employees.


Deekay is an international trading company that fosters a high performance culture where innovation is valued and rewarded.

Our approach ensures quality products and services are provided to our valued clientele. We act with integrity, confidence and accountability in exercising our mission.


  • Excellence – we aim to provide the highest level of quality to our clients and our employees
  • Passion – we love what we do and value our brands and our execution
  • Taking Initiative – we always seek to go ‘above & beyond’, seeking creative solutions and being accountable
  • Team Spirit – we deliver our best when collaborating and working as a team
  • Integrity – we live up to our promises, this is fundamental to our philosophy
  • Respect – for our esteemed clientele and our staff

"The great value of an organization is that people can join together and by their concerted effort accomplish feats that would be impossible for any individual to achieve."

- Robert Fritz